Monday, February 15, 2016

Lent begins--with a surprise

Lent began on Wednesday and we have already had three beautiful "liturgies": Ash Wednesday services, the Vigil of the First Sunday and the First Sunday itself. That said, I grabbed my camera right after lunch Sunday and headed toward chapel, thinking that I would try to capture a photo of the sparse environment, which, although devoid of the usual plants, along with any other small dashes of color, has a beauty in its starkness and barrenness that certainly lends itself to the Lenten depth and seriousness.

What a surprise I got! Our last few days have been the coldest of the season, dipping to the single digits, but with the cold comes clear skies and bright, bright sun. Look what that did to our chapel:

P.S. Stay tuned: On Thursday I'm starting a short February-March weekly series titled: "4 and 20."