Monday, February 22, 2016

Lent "floes" on

For Lent, weekend #2 it was an unusual one.

1) We set a record high for the date, February 20th (66 degrees); that warm spell brought odd things, as you see from the photos of Seven Mile Creek and its rushing waters---with huge, 5" thick floes lining the entire length of the creek itself. Really quite the exciting annual sight;

2) My cacti, that normally reside in our library with its wide window sills, all decided that this would be the weekend for their February blooming; so I moved them to our divider and the sisters were most welcoming of such colorful beauty in the midst of our still pretty grey and wintry world;

3) We had a marvelous weekend of prayer--not unusual. The reflection at the Vigil Saturday night was creative and meaningful and the homily on Sunday was excellent, too. Our presider spoke of changing a Lenten stance of "I am going to..." "I want to try this.." or "I am doing this.." to "God is leading me to..." or "God and I will...." Very challenging thoughts on who is in control and why it shouldn't be and really isn't "us."

The creeks leading north to Lake Erie are full and rushing this weekend. The huge, thick floes are beautiful to behold.

My white, pink and yellow cacti must have discussed their second blooming and decided this year to have it at the same time. Beautiful. The yellow one was begun from one leaf of Sr. Benedict Grotzinger's cactus that I first saw 20 years ago.