Monday, February 1, 2016

Where did January go?

February 1st! Where did January go? Our January ended in a flurry this weekend with a wonderful Sunday morning liturgy and then an afternoon prayer service as we hosted the annual Interchurch Ministries winter event. Very nice in all ways: variety of participants, songs and prayers. One gentleman cornered me and insisted that we get serious about cutting a CD with our music. I told him that we had done that, albeit 17 years ago. He just kept saying that we ought to do another one. Nice compliment!

February with Lent beginning very soon and the feasts that come along, too, including the cultural "feast" of the Super Bowl next Sunday, will bring another busy month. One day at time hardly covers it. A friend of mine says, "One hour at a time!"

P.S. Our local newspaper continues to be enamored of the goldensnowglobe contest. We lost first place last week, yeh...but then regained it by less than 1/2". Geesh, competition in a contest we don't want to win!