Thursday, March 17, 2016

4 and 20 (No. 5)

When our Sister Christine V. passed away a year and a half ago we inherited Gussie and Bella--her two black cocker spaniels. And in that time we have found them to be delightful and endearing to all.

They are rather small, have beautiful black coats, never growl or bark and go to everyone that leans down to talk to them and pet their wiggly bodies as they readily respond to, "Come here."

Luckily we have a built-in enclosed yard, the inner courtyard, in which they will roam or sit, chase birds or an occasional chipmunk.

In the house they stay with one of our sisters, who leaves her door open courtesy of a toddler/pet gate--which allows passing-by visitors all day long! Who has trained whom?!

Here's one now, just waiting for someone to come along.