Thursday, April 21, 2016

4 and 20 (No. 10)

Well, I got through introducing you to 10 things here at the Mount that weren't in place 24 months ago. If you don't get a chance to visit us too often and you wait another 24 months, there are sure to be another 10 additions that aren't here today!

This last one arrived exactly 4 and 20 months ago in April 2014 when we had Brother Mickey McGrath for our April community days speaker. You can search for his name in the upper left corner of this blog and the entry from April 24th of that year should pop up.

After he left we received this painting of his in the mail. It is now a permanent part of the Joan Chittister Archive Room located on the first floor near the front entrance. The whimsical work shows two great Benedictine women, Scholastica and Hildegard, posing with some of the works of Joan Chittister! It is a delightful depiction of Benedictine women who have contributed to the life of the Church.