Thursday, April 28, 2016

Bergamo, Italy

We're spending a few days this week 325 miles southwest of Erie at the Bergamo Center outside of Dayton, Ohio. It is named after the city, Bergamo, in Italy....home of the innovative educator Maria Montessori and Pope John XXIII. The influence of this pope is apparent everywhere. I would guess that the Marianist community whose home is this campus, is of the Vatican II philosophy, too.

The "campus" here is large and beautiful with much green space in the form of grass, bushes and trees, trails, and woods. One of the priests was a longtime biologist at UD and used his expertise to reclaim large tracks of their land into natural habitats for deer, other animals and local plants. They have lots of evidence of responsible environmental choices.

And they have those grey squirrels! Relatives of our brown ones.