Monday, April 18, 2016

Slide down my rain barrel

Do you recognize that little line from the children's song? If so, have you ever seen a real rain barrel?

I did this weekend when I stopped at "our" library branch and asked the librarian if perhaps the barrel outside was filled with wildflower seeds, free for the taking? No, she said, it's part of the rain barrel project throughout the region.

Then she gave me a lovely flier with a map of the Community Rain Barrel Project, "Don't Give Up the Drip." (Do you catch the play on words?!)

Go here for a short description of the project and to see some of the decorated barrels and go here for a map of the over 50 rain barrels in and around Erie.

(Some of the places you'll find them: Smuggler's Wharf, Seawolves Stadium, Erie Zoo, Art's Grocery and Bakery, Lawrence Park Library, Avonia Tavern in Fairview, Stan's Garden Center in Harborcreek, The Cork Restaurant in North East, The Seasons Inn in Edinboro)