Monday, May 2, 2016

The merry month of May

Of course it would be delightful if the month of May was merry, but we would so very much prefer that it could be the sunny month of May. We have been "stuck" in a week or so of cool, damp weather where the flowers, bushes, birds and all non-human life seem to be flourishing....however, the human forms are shivering and so anxious for the temperatures to start with a "6" or even "7."

Regardless, we ventured out in the weekend 52 degree drizzle and found these two shots to share this second day of May:

1) We benefit greatly from the waterfowl, birds (including eagles and blue herons) and everything else that frequents our Presque Isle State Park, as it is only about 8 miles directly down the shore from our own shoreline. The "visitors" travel along the lake shore and cut in at the creeks and grassy areas---our Glinodo property and Seven-Mile Creek are perfect for them. Here are a pair of Canada geese who were about 10 feet off of our shore---fishing.

2) Despite the misty, cool days our guys are doing a great job in getting our new Sun Room erected. Here's the latest. Note the 10 windows, all with a strong southern orientation. Since the foundation, electricity and water hook ups were in place from the old greenhouse, I think we can have realistic hopes that it will be ready very, very soon.

P.S. If you don't regularly follow the cartoon, "Francis," at right....give it a look. The artist recently put in a cute change!