Monday, May 9, 2016

Windows and weeds

Thanks in some part to the cooperative weather and in a large part to all the preliminary and setup work our own maintenance men have done, the windows for our new Sun Room were installed this week and, on Saturday, a local Roofers' Union put on the roof. Beautiful job, for both.

Another outdoors beauty, in a different sort of way, are the miles of rows of grape vines that have been prepared for the upcoming growing season. In many of the fields these yellow wildflowers are abundant and make a very pretty sight when there really isn't anything else on the vines yet.

P.S. This weekend we welcomed a Wisconsinite (is that right?) to the community for a 10-week stay as an intern in our Benetvision and Monasteries of the Heart programs. Hope she has a delightful time both at the Mount and in our spirituality ministries.