Monday, June 27, 2016

Flood, drought and a lake

These two stories came across our news all week: flood waters in West Virginia and in other creeks; destructive wildfires from long standing droughts throughout the far west. Both of these "natural disasters" were part of our Offertory Petitions this Sunday, as the needs of the people in the country having hard times always are.

However, here at home we are not suffering from either of these. Our week has indeed been hot and sunny. We locals are in our usual overwhelming happiness with the warm summer weather. It takes 8-9 months, you see, to "recover" from the 100" of snow we got this past winter, and we are so grateful for the change!

If you don't live near a large body of water as we do or have not recently had lovely summer days--here: share ours!

Here's the view from the South Pier, across the channel to the North Pier on Presque Isle. The channel lighthouse stands at the end of a long line of people fishing.

Here's a closeup of the lighthouse with a lake barge coming in or just having left our docks.

Birds galore fill the reeds on the ponds that border the pier.

Blue heron are smart! They "hang out" very close to all the people fishing, hoping to get some castoffs!

You can get pretty close before they fly away. 

(Click on photo to enlarge.)