Thursday, June 16, 2016

Retreat week

We're on retreat this week--so, what does that really mean? The first thing to mention is our retreat director: a Benedictine monk from the Midwest. He is quite good--fine insights, a little humor and enjoyable stories, definite sincerity, and obvious dedication and love for the monastic life.

Retreat week also brings "lingering." We are having special prayer and, since we don't have to run out for some daily obligation, we can linger--there's no rush, we can take our time. At prayer. At meals. Everywhere. Time is not ruling the days! We can linger.

Some things we do are out of the ordinary, at least for me. I can sleep in. I can take a nap. I'm reading and reading and reading. And I'm outdoors, a lot. Sitting, walking, looking around. And when I was walking yesterday--slowly--I saw things that I might not usually take time to notice. That is definitely a retreat week "sign."

Here are two of my favorite "finds" from my leisurely, quiet walk---right on our grounds.

The rhododendron bushes in the backyard near the cross are still hanging in there. 

I noticed these two because they were making so much noise: clicking and kind of snorting or grunting as they chased around and around the trees at Benetwood. Very cute!