Thursday, June 2, 2016

Saturday mornings

What do you do on Saturday mornings? Is it part of your work week? Is it carefree time? Is it scheduled or "free"?

For one of our sisters (and anyone else she cajoles into going along) it's ritual....May through September: garage saling, sale-ing? ! (not quite sure if that's a word), but it's a relaxing and fun-filled activity that she often shares with anyone who will listen when she returns.

Flash forward: we celebrate our sisters on their birthday by putting out a present and, often, a little display or environment with it.

This week one of our sisters went wild.....why? the sister's name she had for a birthday remembrance was our #1 garage saler (again with the word/spelling?!?!?) and look what she came up with:

Congratulations to both the displayer and the garage sale hunter! We loved it!

Here's a tamer display that also came out this week: Japanese irises--right at the front door-- and they are lovely.