Monday, June 6, 2016


This weekend I attended, as I do most years, the graduation ceremony of my high school--this year its 123rd. It is not only my high school, it is also the place where I taught and served in administration for 23 years after the four years of schooling. It's the place where I changed from a shy 20 year old just starting out in a career, to a confident, and, hopefully, capable teacher / administrator.

This yearly event never fails to wash over me with such fond memories, nostalgia and gratitude.

If the graduate's mother is an alum they announce her name with the new graduate's. I heard the names of many women who were to me sweet 16 year olds--now proud parents of their own. Surreal! I also met a favorite student, now an attorney in a local law firm. More surreal!

As part of the graduation the school acknowledges the golden anniversary graduates. Here's the "gang" from last year--at least some of the 150 girls who were in town and able to attend.

Thank you Villa.....for so many memorable experiences--during those special formative high school days and for those wonderful youthful years of teaching, coaching and involvement in the lives of so many wonderful people.