Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Here's a weekly noon  time concert at the Erie Art Museum. Great group and great time! See them at the Sept. 16-17 Irish festival at St. Patrick's Church in Erie.

Here's my annual photo of the view I have from my office window in July--a beautifully blooming hydrangea and a type of clematis I think, behind our Blessed Mother statue in our inner courtyard. 

A few years ago in honor of Arbor Day another sister and I responded to an offer of free evergreen sprigs--tiny little 4-5" blue spruce or general fir trees. Low and behold, three of them have survived and today are about 15-18" tall and going strong. They were planted (after getting a 3-year start in a protected garden area) down at Glinodo along an already existing tree line. Here's one of them. No doubt in 10 years of so they will certainly be well on their way to matching the size of the ones all around them. Amazing!