Monday, August 22, 2016

2-4-6 South

Going south is first a mile on Troupe Rd, the monastery's western border, which is followed by Depot Rd. aka State Rte 531. Two miles south of us gets rural very quickly and small, modest homes dot the road all along the way. Here's a typical one at that point.

At four miles we take a short break in the homes for the huge Harborcreek exit #35 of I-90. Unfortunately this exit is located right past the highest point on I-90 in Pennsylvania and that means that this area is the scene of numerous serious accidents and road tie ups each winter, as the altitude brings ice, snow, winds and horrible driving conditions to trucks and cars traveling across this short (45+ miles) stretch of this interstate which spans the country. However, in mid-August it is a calm, green and peaceful place.

Six miles south brings us to true rural scenes. The houses are much farther apart, farms start to appear, and fields and trees are everywhere. Here is what we used to call a Christmas Tree farm. I'm guessing that it might be part of Johnston's Nursery, a large growing facility located another mile down the road. And on the other side of the six-mile marker, above one of the occasional homes, I caught sight of some of the beautiful cloud formations that we have at this time of year. They are greatly appreciated by Erie residents, for you see, we live under a very grey dome in the deep winter months and such blue, blue summer skies are a welcome and most blessed sight!