Thursday, August 18, 2016

2-4-6 West

Two miles west of us on Rte 5 lies the now closed Gannondale, a place for girls placed through the PA court system. The convent building of the Sisters of Charity and the main entrance (above) are still a lovely decades-old site. One of our oblates started her adult career here and gave about 30 years of her working life to the staff and girls that made Gannondale the fine institution that it was. Today we have "scarfed" her up and she now works with another great staff and clients at our SBEC.

Four miles west of the Mount we land on a boulevard that runs for a couple of miles right down the middle of Rte 5/East Lake Rd. On the north side of the four-mile marker is this locally famous Erie landmark, Ricardo's--a place of great filets and dining facilities that accommodate sports teams, large parties and any other family or friends' gathering you'd need. On the south side, right across the boulevard is the large neighborhood of the John Horan Garden Apartments, home to hundreds of families, now many who are immigrants, who need basic, clean and safe public housing.

Six miles west we found yet another Erie building and area....the old armory and the old "center of town" the north end of Parade Street. Today the armory has been refurbished by Erie Insurance and looks great. The bay end of Parade St. has loyal supporters, too, who continue their dedication to keeping this historic part of Erie alive and well and appreciated.