Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Margaret Wheatley-WOW

At the LCWR assembly Margaret Wheatley, longtime and greatly admired organizational expert spoke as the keynote. I first read a Wheatley book maybe 25+ years ago and just loved all the new ideas and concepts. She's been writing and speaking everywhere ever since, but I never imagined seeing and hearing her in person!

Here she was and WOW, just as special as I could have imagined!

Go to if you'd like to see her, too.

Here are a couple pieces of her wisdom shared with us:
"Thinking has disappeared from leadership. Reactivity is what gets most leaders by (Just doing stuff!)"

"Being contemplative and reflective=getting wiser. We become infinitely better at seeing what is to be done, become more courageous, surrendering."

Two Atlanta sculptures!