Monday, August 15, 2016


At the gathering of Benedictine prioresses and subprioresses last week we shared some "latest news" from our monasteries. The items mentioned were positive and light and lively. But, I was very surprised to hear one prioress stand up and began, "Well, first of all, we are a PokemonGO site!" We all laughed and then 4-5 others chimed in that their monasteries were also PokemonGO sites.  One even declaring that they are a Gym.

To the best of my knowledge we are not one, as we haven't seen a trail of smart phone users out front, pointing their phones our way to throw Poke Balls at us to catch a Pokemon character!

In that "go out and explore your world" vein, I decided to go out and share what I find around our world that I might otherwise ignore. So, in the PokemonGO spirit here is my version: "2-4-6," what can be found two, four and six miles east, west and south from our front entrance? I can't include north of course....there's just Lake Erie...north for 22 miles!

Here's today's entry: What I found two, four and six miles directly east of Mount St. Benedict on Rte. 5:

Two miles east of us is just an ordinary street with this sign at its beginning. But streets and signs such as this are all along Rte 5. The realities behind them usually include, yes, a street that dead ends and therefore wishes to be open only to the residents there. But, its secret usually includes that at the end of such streets, going north from Rte. 5, is a lakefront access. There are public accesses, of course, such as parks, marinas and even small beaches, but these "private" ones are real gems!

Four miles east of us on Rte 5 is this beautiful welcoming sign which indicates that we live 4 miles from North East in Harborcreek Township, which itself can't be more than 7 miles east to west!Ponds like the one just seen here are common throughout this area. 

And six miles east of us on Rte 5 is one of hundreds and hundreds of acres of grape vineyards. Welch's and numerous wineries benefit from the perfect land and climate (imagine!) for rich grape growing. I believe this year is on schedule to yield a "bumper" crop.