Thursday, August 25, 2016

Virtual vacation #1

Only had time for a stay-cation this year? Need to "get away"? Here, take a virtual vacation with me!

Welcome to Canada, the Eastern Maritimes to be precise! The car trip here took us through southern Maine--what a beauty..evergreens everywhere. The clerk at a small grocery store told us that the vacationers are almost gone (Labor Day) and they will be followed by the bear hunters (!) who will be followed in October by the leaf peepers. (Took me a minute to figure out what those were!) No farms or fields in much sight, but miles and miles of trees.

Here is one of many fresh water lakes in New Brunswick which was also in Rockwood Park, a gorgeous nature preserve in Saint John.

The largest lake where many of the activities take place is surrounded by a walking path that has solar lighting all along the way. Very cool: solar panels on old fashioned lamps!

Here is a look at Saint John, NB from the ferry taking us to Nova Scotia. Saint John is a huge and busy port, the only one in New Brunswick and a major access to Nova Scotia, which is connected to it, but only at the far east end. The water it crosses is the Bay of Fundy, with claim to the highest tides in the world. (Twice a day its 25-50 foot tides rise and fall...amazing).

Here is the Nova Scotian town of Lunenburg. The water is the Atlantic and everything about it (except the dual language of French that is everywhere), reminds us of towns all along the Jersey shore: visitors, shops, shore food, etc.