Monday, August 29, 2016

Virtual vacation #2

Halifax is big (400,000), but the visitors are pretty much at the waterfront, give or take 5-6 blocks. We had lunch here at the Foggy Goggle. Good food and fun surroundings. We attended Mass at St. Mary's Basilica Saturday night. Very nice and the pastor told us afterward that it is a very lively and involved parish.  

We also visited the Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History. Historically everything here revolves around water, fishing, the native people, Mi'kmaq and the Europeans who came and both befriended and took advantage of them during the early decades (1700s). Today the people seem well aware of the first natives to this land and honor them. There are also  monuments everywhere for bravery and sacrifice of life, both at sea and during the wars in which Canadians fought.

A huge boardwalk spans the waterfront in Halifax filled with shops, eating places, a large Seaport Market and activities for all. Here is one of those water fountains that surprises you when it shoots up and then disappears. Children were thrilled.

Both Lunenburg and now Halifax are filled with houses and other buildings painted in various colors. There has to be an organized plan because 1) they individually look very attractive and 2) a whole block's places all go together..artistically.