Monday, September 5, 2016

Acadia, crab quiche, white pants--it's September

Well, it's September; "Where did the summer go?" can be heard everywhere this weekend. School has started in our town and vacation days are over for most of us. White pants are washed and put away (Not really! just bringing up the old wives' tale!!) Here is a final look at our time away, though we are very happy to be home, for sure.

We spent 5-6 hours in Acadia National Park, south of Bangor, Maine. That amount of time is the proverbial drop in the bucket at a place where people spend a lifetime exploring. The rock formations that we saw throughout Nova Scotia are present here, also. Hundreds of beautiful, stunning vistas. 

We spent some time in lovely gardens that featured many different flowers, grasses and plants.

We were able to have breakfast with Judy C at Martha's Diner and then dinner at Lyta and Bob S's place, in the Acadia region. The crab quiche was delicious and dessert was this pecan pie, appropriately decorated with an OSB on the top!