Thursday, September 8, 2016

Away from home---things change!

I was out of Erie for three of the four weeks of August and when we returned September 3, WOW, have things changed. We are now into the deep last days of summer, still hot and muggy this past week, but hinting strongly of September and the start of autumn. Also, you can tell that many of our flowers and greenery are into their final stages. Here are three views that our visitors get from their bedroom windows on our ground floor as they look out into the Library Courtyard.

The statue of St. Scholastica doesn't have a lot of flowers around it these days. Just a few "last roses of summer."

Most of our black-eyed Susans have wilted away, but this one patch is still pretty perky. It's located right below my window! How appropriate! 

Our grounds have many, many types of these grasses and they are just beautiful. They are all in full flourish right now.