Thursday, September 29, 2016

Caught a bug

I've caught the early autumn bug. Although we're only one week into the season I'm already spying the changes that are just beginning to happen. We've been smelling this year's grape crop and loving the cool nights for sleeping with yet 70+ degrees in the afternoons. No wonder it's so many people favorite season!

Some of the beautiful grasses.

Daisy mums in all colors.

For those who love order and organization--this one's for you!

God, the Great Spirit, you call us to be in the circle of life;
You have given us Mother Earth sharing your nurturing and sustaining power in all its beauty.
Help us to be gentle, kind and attentive to Your presence in nature.
Bless all Native Americans who teach us to stand together like trees with roots intertwined, strengthening each other.
We ask all of this through the Great Spirit, our God.