Monday, September 12, 2016

Twenty-somethings abound

Twenty-somethings are abounding in our house right now and we love them!

Our "oldest" twenty-something is our new novice Valerie. She formally entered the novitiate of our community Saturday evening at the Vigil of Sunday prayer. We had quite a large attendance as many community members were able to attend along with guests and oblates who happened to be here for the weekend. Sister Anne ended her reflections by saying to Val, "May you walk in the Holy Presence" a surprise reference to Val's weekly blog! If you haven't read her online journal you might try it. It gives a very fine look into the life of a young "seeker" in a Benedictine community.

The second twenty-something is a young oblate of ours from Merida, Mexico. She has come to spend 6-12 months with us to experience Benedictine spirituality up-close-and-personal and, as a bonus, to improve her English. Jessica will join our Benedicta Riepp program which is set up exactly for women wanting to immerse themselves in the life for awhile. You can see Jessica here, as I believe I found her in a photo in our spring/summer 2015 MOUNT magazine: (page 9--rt column, 2nd row, back left!)

And third, the Benedictine Women's Service Corps (BWSC) out of St. Benedict's Monastery in St. Joseph, MN, offers recent graduates of their college, the College of St. Benedict, an opportunity to live and minister in a Benedictine monastery. This year three recent graduates are in the BWSC and one is with us, Erin. I was at St. Joseph a year ago and loved the community, its grounds and the works they are dedicated to. Benedicta Riepp is buried there, as she left Erie, going west, and landed in St. Cloud, MN--the beginnings of St. Benedict's. Erin can be seen here, the middle one of the three gals.