Thursday, October 27, 2016

A few of my favorite things

Do you have favorite seasonal things in the natural world? Things you only see only once a year, because they only exist at a specific moment in time? Maybe that is one of the graces of living in a 4-seasons climate! I have many favorite (seasonal) things and I find myself actually starting to look for them 2-3 weeks before their expected appearance.

Here's one of my favorite autumn things...a little Charlie Brown tree in the middle of our west lawn. I can't even tell you that I even notice it much any other time, as it is nestled among a very large willow and numerous evergreens and larger maples. But for the couple weeks when it is all orange-red, it has my attention every day.

Another example? Sure. I was talking to one of our year-long visitors this year, when we were eating outside on the back porch (in October, imagine!). We were talking about winter and I was telling her about the marvelous drifts that accumulate on our large back patio and stairs when the conditions of wind and snow are just right. I'll be watching out for it---but not soon, please.

PS. Thirty-five sisters entered our annual First Day of Snow Contest...the guesses ranged from October 21 to January 3. We're all rooting for January 3!