Thursday, October 13, 2016

Back door

In our chapel there is a somewhat hidden door. If you visit and regularly sit on the right/north side you'd never see it. Even if you sit on the left/south, you might miss it. It's behind the main chapel area, back by one of the storage areas. But every day when I go out our side door I see it from the outside and I often see flowers that are either on their way into the chapel or coming out of the chapel, promised to one of our gardeners.

This week, as is fitting in October, I spied these two very full mums, sitting at the end of the row of now-trimmed back baby pink rose bushes. I think they may be on their way into chapel for this Sunday.

Erie, or more correctly North East, PA, 10 miles east of the city, is famous for Paschke's Mum Farm which produced a seasonal windfall each autumn with its acres and acres of mums, cider and everything else that celebrated October, Halloween and all things fall. Sad to report that Paschke's just announced its closing as the founding couple has retired. Here's a photo of a portion of the acreage they planted. A gorgeous sight at its peak each year.

Paschke's Mum Farm in North East, PA with Lake Erie seen in the background.