Thursday, October 20, 2016

Inside and outside

I'd been waiting for months, even a couple years for this to happen. This week it finally did.

Here's the back story. In the mornings I "bird sit" a small caique parrot. We get along very well, practicing English every now and then, taking a sink bath once a week and going for "walks" up and down the hall when I need a stand up break from computer sitting. At one end of our hall there is a window that opens onto an old fashioned wrought iron four-story fire escape! Right out of West Side Story or apartment complexes in New York City! We are at the top of said ladder and therefore there is a little landing right outside the window. Lady, the parrot, loves to sit on the windowsill, up against the screen and chirp, talk and whistle to the outside. I always wished that some wild birds would hear her and for some bird reason, come and chirp back.

And, that's exactly what happened Monday. A flock of 5-6 little brown sparrows or finches came calling and "looked inside" at the much larger parrot looking out at them. By the time I got my camera only two were left, but here they are---birds of a feather, I guess you could say, probably somewhat bewildered at each other's presence!