Thursday, November 10, 2016

Autumn work

The east side and back of the Mount have a half dozen beautiful, large comfy benches scattered along the sidewalk. They were part of a remembrance project a few years ago to add these very nice features to our grounds, in memory of loved ones.  Although they are brought in for the winter months, the 6-7 months outdoors do take their toll, but a miracle has arrived.  The benches, two tables and the two glider swings that hang from the arbor near the library are all being washed thoroughly and finished anew with Teak Wood stain through the talents of one of our sisters. 

Here's the table that is in the center of the large gazebo. Retreatants and visitors alike enjoy their time there. The project is being done in the receiving room, a garage-like entrance on the ground level which offers plenty of fresh air when the door is opened.


and After.