Sunday, November 13, 2016


Some thoughts following the last week.

First, here is a very fine graphic that is making the rounds of the web. I call it _____ophobia because you could put any word you want in the blank. A friend who is a counselor tells me that this is basic strategy to counter bullying in schools. Here you'll see it as it pertains to adults, more specifically anyone who is "not like me." So sad, so very sad. But, there is always hope and here's a piece of it.Click here.

And in the everyday, we took a walk down to the lake and found a number of fishermen and women taking advantage of the good weather. We asked these fellows if we could take their picture with their impressed catch! "Of course," they said, and as we talked, guess what? Only one seemed to be what we'd call all-American, the other two spoke fine but with accents. Alleluia!