Sunday, December 11, 2016

Snowstorm #1

Oh, my, did the lake effect snow, that started somewhere in northern Canada a week ago, quickly make its way down and across the great lakes--and after socking the places in the snow belts of Lake Superior, Lake Michigan and Lake Huron, "pow"--we got hit last Thursday as it sailed across Lake Erie and Lake Ontario burying the cities and towns in its wake! Jessica, our year-long visitor from Mexico, was entranced and it was beautiful--but it kept coming and coming.

The one thing all snow lovers, or even those who are just amazed at the phenomenon, all know is that the "official" snow is measured at one certain place in a region: for us it's the Erie Airport, which is located 13 miles west of us. In our geographic location every little suburb, village, town and borough has its own unofficial snow measurer. Conclusion: When answering the question, How much snow fell this weekend? the answer has to be: Anywhere from 3" to 18", depending on where you live in the metropolitan area!

As a Harborcreek resident I would answer the question this way, I'd guess about 8-10". I'd say this because we had to clean 5-6" off of the cars a couple of times! I'm sure one of our neighbors has a set up in the backyard with a flat plain surface and a yardstick. I'll have to find out who it is.

The Troupe Rd. entrance after the 3-day storm.

The water fountain in the library courtyard, a natural measuring stick.