Sunday, January 8, 2017

Lake effect snow

Our first (and hopefully last) Lake Effect Snow blew in on Thursday and stayed through Sunday. True to form, it depended where you were in the local area as to how many inches you received. The airport is the official recording station for Erie, but it is located in west Erie, 13 miles from Harborcreek where we live. They've recorded about 20". We had at least that....maybe a little more. Here is a photo of the Troupe Rd. sign and the two bushes which frame it, taken at 9 pm Saturday night. Yikes!

This photo was taken on Friday from inside the hallway between chapel and the dining room of one of the bushes outside in the inner courtyard garden. I'd say about 6-7".

This is the shepherd's hook on Saturday which holds our two bird feeders, including this house for suet blocks. Maybe 11-12" balancing on the roof!

At the beginning of the "event," Thursday afternoon or Friday morning, I took this of the bird feeder that is attached to my bedroom window, with a 6" ruler taped to the window. I think the height is between 3-4"

A one-minute video on Lake Effect Snow here. Enjoy!

For more on this storm, see Sister Valerie's blog post (link in right column).