Sunday, January 29, 2017

Three years ago

In December 2013 I posted a photo of a red-tailed hawk that had landed on the fire escape outside the 4th floor hall window where I minister in the a.m. --which happens to be the last remaining piece of the original motherhouse on E. 9th Street in Erie. It was quite a sight.

Last Friday, near the end of the morning, as I was packing up to come home to get ready for the funeral of a sister who had ministered on 4th floor for over 25 years, lo and behold, what should appear on that same fire escape, at that same window--a red-tailed hawk. The same one? Why today? Native Americans have wonderful legends of the natural world's interactions at times of death. Hmmmmmm...Beautiful thoughts.

Here's the hawk--January 27, 2017

And here's another unusual "natural" event--a row boat has been pushed by the waves right up onto our shore. Notice that it is completely filled with sand!