Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Sci-fi lives on

I enjoy the sci-fi genre of books and movies. Not the fighting, war types, more the ones with advanced ideas or experiences that are beyond our current life. Just like in today's world the most common theme is "good vs evil," with good taking a beating, but coming through in the end.
My latest sci-fi fix is from the Netflix series Travelers. People from
the future return and take up in the bodies of people who are dying and continue with their life while working together "to save the world." (Another common theme). The team that we meet are: left to right, a young mother and abused wife of a police officer, an FBI agent, a teenage football star, an autistic library aide and a heroin addict. At least those are the bodies they must live in.
There's only been one season so far, twelve episodes..but I'm hooked!