Sunday, February 19, 2017

Coming of "fog"

To paraphrase Carl Sandburg's famous poem "Fog," this weekend the whisperings "on little cat feet" began to be heard throughout the Mount that Lent is coming soon. But I, for one, was not interested in this "gossip." Not that I dislike Lent, in fact I like it very much--with its special music, rich psalmody and once-a-year tenor.

My interests this weekend were on the record high for the date, 70 degrees on Saturday and near record 55 Sunday. Both of these took place with the slow return of the s-u-n. So much so that I was able to drive to work Friday for the very first time in a long time without turning on the headlights! Alleluia! (whoops, Lent is coming, did you know!)

The appearance of strong sunlight bring this sight back every morning: