Sunday, February 26, 2017

Wild & wonderful February

February 24th in our town: the average high is 37 degrees. The record high was in 1906, 67 degrees....until 2017, when the record was not only broken, it was smashed----77 degrees. Everyone who lives in a cold wintry climate knows what this does to a people: we go crazy! Teenagers and college students are seen wearing shorts; kids are riding on dusty bicycles; and Moms and Dads are pushing babies in strollers down the streets---in other words, we act like spring has arrived.

But, the truth is that it is just a gigantic tease. Spring is a month away on the calendar and more like 5-8 weeks away in reality.

Sure enough, February 25th the afternoon temperature dropped 40 degrees; clothing returned to sweats and corduroys; sleds and boots came back out; Moms and Dads were driving their cars and everyone was just shaking their heads (but with a slight smile and dreamy look about them: "Was it real?")

Hang in there: the "febs" are almost over; Lent and Easter are just about here; Can daffodils and crocuses be far behind?

February 24, 2017