Sunday, March 12, 2017

pi day

I taught high school mathematics for twenty-five years. Crazy to lots of you for sure, but I loved it. At that time I did a lot with π, as it appears throughout geometry and trig and calculus in abundance. But there wasn't a "π day" as there is now! Every March 14 nowadays is celebrated in American schools as "Pi Day" and the mathematics teachers pull out all their creative strings in celebration of this most interesting and yet mysterious number. will tell you everything about March 14th, as 3.14 are the first three digits of the unending irrational number π. Wikipedia will tell you even more, including the current memorization Guinness World Record of 70,000 decimal places, which took an Indian man 9+ hours to recite!

This year one of our sisters, who is celebrating the day in her school, offered me a pi long sleeve T-shirt. I can't wait to wear it this week! WOW, I do love pi and pie, too.

Do give one of these websites at least a minute of your time. You might find out that you're not really "dumb in math" (the common self-analysis I hear all the time) after all!

P.S. Besides math, I also love word play and here's one that is at the top of any list: Cough, rough, though, through--why don't these words rhyme, but for some god-forsaken reason, pony and bologna do?!