Sunday, March 19, 2017

Every Lent

You've probably either heard us live or heard us on one of the audios on our webpage. So to answer your unspoken question, Are the handbells fun to play? Yes, they are not only great fun, but being part of the handbell choir improves everything about music for the players: reading music, counting and, especially, playing as a group and all the coordination and awareness that is needed for the performances.

We have about 45-50 handbells, I'd say, and once a year they get a much-needed shining. The accumulated oxidation and finger smudges come off and they really just glisten!

This year I cajoled one of our photographers to use a little creativity and try to capture a newly shined group of them into some sort of photo. I didn't help much I fear and we didn't have time to set up a proper venue, but I think the basic idea is here AND if we ever have the chance to really set them up somewhere, somehow, and experiment a little I think we could get a couple unique and special photos. Maybe some day!

Photo: Jo Clarke