Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Historic maple tree becomes a giving tree.

A large, old beautiful maple tree that lived in the backyard on East 9th St. had to come down last week. It is at the site of our original motherhouse which now has one remaining 4-story building which houses a small living group of sisters, offices for some of our ministries and St. Benedict Child Development Center. It provided shade and four-seasons beauty for those children and for everyone who knows the playground, backyard grounds of SBEC and "345," as we call the building.

Sister Audrey, our wood turner, caught the tree service company in time to ask them to save her a number of "chunks" of the major trunks, which she says will make gorgeous maple wood pieces that she can fashion for gifts and for sale in our gift shop, Chapter 57.

Thank you to our E. 9th Street maple tree for decades of beauty and shade. It will continue to give of itself in Audrey's workshop.

The playground was fashioned around the tree!

A crane to get to the very top.

The largest "branches" were huge in diameter.

Hauling logs, chipping and saving pieces were the three options.

Marking this holy ground.