Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Dawn Patrol

A couple of years ago I shared with readers about the addition of two "fierce looking" plastic owls on our back patio, set out to ward off birds, especially while we are enjoying warm weather meals out there. They seemed to be doing a great job, so last year, after consulting with the sister who made the purchase, I bought two more and put them out to discourage the "droppings" of said birds onto the cars nearest the house and also onto the little cement patio and windows of the inner courtyard.

All started out going well but after a bit I noticed that although the incidents were down, they weren't totally gone! Finally one day I was chatting with a guest who works at a garden center and she told me that the birds quickly figure out the "plastic protectors" and adapt! "You have to keep moving them around if you really want them to be effective," she said. Well, that's not going to happen because these two are on roofs!

They came out and went up this week so we'll see. So far, so-so.  

Otherwise our spring continues to be absolutely delightful and I can attest that all Erieites that I run into are brimming over with joy and gratitude--nothing like four complete seasons to bring out appreciation for each of them!

The corner of the inner courtyard garden is a little iris heaven this week.

You can see that the owl is semi-successful.