Wednesday, June 7, 2017

#100 and continuing

Late in 2016 we welcomed to Erie Tom Roberts, the National Catholic Reporter's editor-in-chief, outstanding writer-in-chief, supporter of women religious-in-chief and all around dedicated Catholic and truth seeker-in-chief.

Tom came to Erie to work on some stories, one of which was to hear about our Take Back the Site Vigils for homicide victims and to consider a story of the collaborative efforts made by the three communities of women religious in Erie who sponsor them. Soon after he left, the 100th vigil (since we held #1 in November 1999 in the parking lot of a local Dairy Queen) occurred.

Tom is one busy guy and there are lots of current news and assignments he has to cover, but last week, true to his word, the article on our TBTS--in the streets public prayer--was published online. You can read it here.

Thanks, Tom, and thanks to all the sisters and oblates of the Benedictines for Peace committee who have been so faithful in organizing and continuing these powerful, yet terribly somber and sad events. They indeed have had an impact on our city and its residents.

Oh, one note: in the very last photo in the article you'll see a tall man in a suit and tie in the back left. This was a photo from TBTS vigil # 104 a couple weeks ago--his first one to attend, though he told me that he had been hearing about them for years. Who is he? He's the favored candidate running for mayor this November for the City of Erie!