Sunday, June 25, 2017

Chapel goings on

Two chapel goings on to share with you today:
1) Ten+ years ago when our chapel was renovated (drippy roof to name just one need) one of the most creative changes was to take the three tall stained glass windows that formed the east wall of the foyer and move them out about 15 feet where they are still the east wall, but this time it's for a new little adoration/private chapel that was added on. This weekend at about 8:15 am the brightness of the rising sun shone through these windows and then through the decorative opaque windows on the other side, and finally, into the chapel foyer. This is a rare, rare sight, at least for me. Can you see the blue cross from the stained glass?

2) At Sunday Mass I believe we had a first. The sister who went up to the podium to read the Prayers of the Faithful, brought out her ipad and read them from it! First time for us--usually they are read from a standard piece of paper. BTW, we know of a Benedictine community whose whole psalter has been put on ipads and it's from them that the sisters pray every day!