Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Sand Hill Cranes

Have arrived in St. Leo, Florida, about 45 minutes northeast of Tampa and the home to two Benedictine houses: St. Leo Abbey of monks and Holy Name Monastery of sisters of our federation. We are staying at St. Leo University, an interesting situation, as it almost died away a few years ago, but was resurrected as primarily an online university! And it is flourishing! See here.

It has a very lovely campus with those long and low tan or stone buildings that seem to be what Florida is built on. Here is a statue of what I suspect is a Benedictine monk directing a young man. The arches help show you how stunning the architecture is here. Function for sure, but much more beauty.

And, to that end, St. Leo is home to some of the (famous) Florida Sand Hill Cranes.
We've seen them already, but haven't heard their unique call.