Saturday, June 17, 2017

Monastic life in Florida, 1 of 2

Gecko are everywhere. Here's one caught in the act of "expanding"! Google says it's related to breathing, social interaction and sniffing!

We could not figure out what these cemented into the grass all over campus things were. Umbrella holders? They are for Disk Golf which is big in the south! 

It's always great to see a whole different world of flowers and foliage.

I think a hawk, in a tree covered by hanging Spanish Moss.

Birds of paradise growing naturally.

Lake Jovita, home to a number of alligators (!!!), is the jewel of the campus. Benches are everywhere.

In 1889 a group of Benedictine monks from Latrobe, PA arrived here and helped establish the first Catholic college in Florida. It was named for Pope Leo the Great (XIII) and Abbot Leo Haid, OSB, the college's first president. Also in 1889 Benedictine sisters from Pittsburgh arrived and began Holy Name Monastery. Today the 14 sisters and dozen monks still have a role in the University, which is, by enrollment, the fourth largest Catholic College in the USA--behind Notre Dame, Loyola and St. John's (NYC).Beautiful campus, too.