Sunday, July 2, 2017

Plants and things

A few years ago a gift store's advertisement declared that it was the place for "plants and things." For some reason that term stuck with me and I often use it whenever I'm talking about plants and any other things. Thus, today's sharing: Plants and things.

We all know that going out of town, on vacation or even overnight for 24 hours is a major decision if you have pets (especially cats or birds) and/or plants. They don't want a break in their routine and they want that routine delivered by you!

Just leaving for two weeks caused me to ask two sisters if they could water my plants. One gets the six ferns in the dining room and the ficus in the community room. The ferns, especially will make me "pay" when I get home. They will drop fronds everywhere and cry out in dryness, but I'll talk and coo to them for the first week or so and be especially careful and generous with water and plant food. They'll come around. The second sister has less persnickety ones: a dozen in the library, another dozen in two offices and the ficus in the foyer at the main entrance. They might not even know I'm away--but I do worry about the orchids, they aren't blooming right now, but they are so delicate all the time it seems.

So, I thought I had done my duty and obligation to the living things in my life, but lo and behold here on vacation we inherited indoor and outdoor plants----and two fish! The plants seem to be ok, but the fish, not so much. They aren't floating on the surface, but they look a little listless. Guilt is flowing.

Plants and things, plants and things, they are always with us!

Even at Mass Saturday night--plants---which I studied and studied---and finally knew that these eight spiders were fake. Very nice fakes, but fake. Lucky them!