Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Our annual LLL days

Our annual Learning, Leisure and Legislation summer community days are this week and they already are off to a very good start. Great conversations and sharings Wednesday on issues on our past, present and future that engage and energize all of us. Tuesday night LLL opened with a lovely Evening Prayer followed by a dinner and celebration of our six jubilarians this year: three 70-year celebrants, two 60-year celebrants and one Golden jubilarian.

Leisure time gives us a chance to "be around" in a different way than ordinary days. Here are two sites that caught my eye already:

Our inner courtyard Blessed Mother is surrounded by clematis and hydrangea these days and they are truly stunning.

Out on East Lake Rd, down by the entrance to Glinodo you'll find this old, weather-worn, utilitarian fire hydrant. Never noticed, never needed (hopefully). But, at this time of year the roadside chicory circles it with a kind of beauty it certainly isn't used to!