Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Our beloved creek-pt 4

How is our creek restoration project doing, you ask? It is "settling in"--things are growing, I would say. Here is a long shot of the bank at the almost 90 degree turn that the creek makes and a close up of the grass which is growing very nicely, through the macrame-like carpet support that is, I suspect, part of the anti-erosion, new bank material. I don't know if the planting of bushes and trees will be taking place this fall or early next spring. We shall see. If you missed any of the first three reports, with photos, see blog entries on July 26, August 6 and August 13.

On another note, we received the nicest, supportive and complementary editorial in our local newspaper, the Erie Times News, Wednesday morning: "Benedictines lead quest for peace." The result was that over 200 people showed up that evening for the first of monthly silent walks for peace. WOW! Thank you Benedictines for Peace committee for your idea and efforts to get this latest venture started off and for making it one that welcomes participation by the whole city of Erie.