Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The Music Man

A surprise bloom here in the final weeks of summer and it is a real beauty: tall, seemingly delicate, yet they are staying vertical by some magical power, I'd say!  Google images seems to support that they may be amaryllis--which, of course, reminded me of Professor Harold Hill of Music Man fame and the little girl who played Marian, madame librarian's piano student: Amaryllis.

Meanwhile we are also experiencing a late summer surge in guests--though that in itself is not unusual. Our Sunday liturgies have been larger than usual for the past few weeks and I believe the "culprit" is family reunions. Happy, laughing multi-generational groups seem to be with us every week, many we certainly know, of course, and we look forward to seeing these out-of-towners every year.

One of the blessings many of our sisters give us when they pass onto eternal life is a continuing relationship with their family members. It keeps our memories of them warm and alive. We are indeed blessed.