Wednesday, September 20, 2017

9-22 this year's fall equinox

Sister Anne, prioress, returned safely from her two-week trip to South Korea. The three Benedictine communities of women they visited have a total of 1,000 sisters! All of them have schools and they visited numerous kindergartens and were sung to by the children. Here she is "surrounded." Note the subtleties: peace sign, water bottle, European St. Benedict in the background. Can you find any others?! They also visited some men's communities and were amazed by the "industries" they had built up as their income sources.

Back on the home front, signs of the fading summer and early autumn are showing full force. Here are some great fungi on an old stump by Hermitage #1. Beautiful in their own right. Our temperatures are cheating summer a bit and giving us sunny, warm days in the high 70s, with even two 80s last week. We continue to eat meals on the back least until the snow flies!