Sunday, September 10, 2017

Break in (late) summer

After a week of cool, damp days we caught a break in the weather for the weekend. It was particularly nice for a weekend retreat we had--a dozen or so women for Mid-Life, Long-Life sessions. They had a wonderful time, helped in at least a small part by milder temps and sunny days.

Meanwhile, yours truly was squeezing out all of summer that I could with a trip to Presque Isle. This time I found these sights--one in a pond, one along a roadside. Truly, heavenly.

A half a world away, in South Korea, our prioress was engaged in an international meeting of Benedictine women from around the world. Here she is (You can always tell the Americans!). She's having a great time and enjoying seeing some of the Korean sisters who had spent time with us here in Erie, in their native land and home monastery.