Sunday, September 17, 2017

September golf

Golfing in the early fall is totally different from summer golf. This weekend I experienced two of the many reasons--both delightful.

I was looking for my ball that I thought flew past some evergreen trees and as I approached the little grove, look what I found--an autumn group of mushrooms--which are all over the place in our world right now. This shot is via my phone as I put my club down. BTW, my ball was not here, luckily nearby out in the open!

I don't play on country club courses as a rule, but rather on these real country courses which in many cases have been built in between the grape fields. By mid-September the grapes are just about ready and their smell travels even into your car as you go by them-- Miles and miles of Concord grapes. This year has been a very, very good one, as I can personally attest now, as we taste-tested them on both the second and eighth holes! Sweet and warm and delicious. WOW!